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CAS No:[670-96-2 ]

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UV paint
DESCRIPTION: YGLUE™G-1001 is low viscosity, single component, ultra-curing coating, having the low toxicity. After the solidification the paint film has the good adhesive power, the flexibility. It is suitable in the inductance coil and electronic vitality painting.
SURFACE PREPARATION: Ensure the surface preparations, and that the surface is clean and dry, free from dust, perfect degreasing. It is best that first chemical treatment, then coating, so can capture best adhesion.
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anaerobic adhesive.
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Muscle planting adhesive
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Epoxy hardener H-3258
Specification: the hardener H-3258 is a low viscosity, light color hardener for use in modified aliphatic amine epoxy resin. After curing, the solidification surface is gloss and can bear the acid and alkali, resist rub and high pressure. Thanks to its excellent properties, it lends itself to the production of light-resisted insoluble paint, or the flooring paint above 5℃.
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Properties:Bright yellow liquid or crystal solid, well soluble in water, easily soluble in alcohols and benzenes, toxic , can cause irritation and corrosion to the skin and lung.
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