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ruling glue

DESCRIPTION: YGLUE™616A/B is a special liquid resin system, which is used in ruling or electronic sealing. It is composed of electric filler, living diluents and super additives. Cured product has excellence gloss surface, similarity agate, its hardness, electric property and inflaming retarding is also very good.
RECOMMEND USAGE: YGLUE™616A/B is applying to colluding and rowing in lamp decoration, glass frame, pattern or other handicraft surface. There is the excellent sticking among the metal, pottery, timber, glass, fiber products and hard plastic; other needs to cancel and draw the lines or the surface decorated
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DESCRIPTION: YGLUE™7561A/B is a double component resin system, the complete set of products has the fluid before proceeding the glass, the color paste, opening perquisite, the flashlight powder and so on. Processed on the glass has naturally gathering the spar effect, has the gorgeously color, crystal clear and radiant. It can cure at the normal temperature, after the solidification the electrical specification is especially good, the adhesion is strong, it also waterproofing, moisture-proof, bearing chemistry corroding.
RECOMMEND USAGE: YGLUE™7561A/B is suitable for the surface encapsulation of intensive processing glass.
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