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Soft glue

Yglue™ 639A/B

DESCRIPTION: YGLUE™639A/B is a special liquid resin system, which is curing at room temperature. The product after curing is soft, which has excellent gloss surface, good transparency, high hardness, excellent adhesion and electric property. It can resist water, damp and good chemical resistance. It can also be added color paste to make it colorful.
RECOMMEND USAGE: YGLUE™639A/B is suitable for the surface encapsulation of products, such as various kinds of metal signs, product label , badge, button, handicraft and other hard texture products.
SURFACE PREPARATION: Ensure the surface preparations, and that the surface is clean and dry, free from dust, perfect degreasing. It is best that first chemical treatment, then coating, so can capture best adhesion.
YGLUE™639A                           YGLUE™639B
COLOR                                          Clear                       Clear
VISCOSITY(25℃, cps)                 1700-2400                      9
FLASH  POINT(℃)                     >140                                    140
HARDNESS  (SHORE  D )         10-15
MIX RATIO:                        YGLUE™6325A                               YGLUE™6325B
Weight ratio                                  3                                            1
POT LIFE: Pot life of mixing YGLUE™6325A and YGLUE™6325B , depending upon mixing total weight and operating temperature, generally 100g mixing weight, approximately 50 minutes at 25℃.
CURING CONDITION: Full curing time, depending upon curing temperature, lowest curing time as follow list:
TEMPERATURE                                                CURING TIME
25℃                                                                     6-8        hours
50℃-60℃                              1-1.5    hours
Volume resistivity 25 ℃             Ohm-cm              1.35 *10 15
Surface resistivity 25 ℃             Ohm                   1.2* 10 14
Dielectric strength 25 ℃             Kv/mm               16~18
Compressive strength                kg/mm               16
Tensile strength                        kg/mm2                12
thermal deformation temperature     ℃                    100
Water absorption                         %24h                 <0.1
CLEAN UP: Clean all tools and equipment at the end of each days work with organic solvent.
CLEANNESS & MAINTENANCE: Only use commonly cleaning method, e.g. mull dip in clear water, and do not use grinding cleaning tools. Had better not use organic solvent as detergent.
PACKING & STORAGE: YGLUE639A/B all act 20 kilograms per set. 6 months in an unopened can, kept in cool dry storage. Seal up for keeping after open the cover as early as possible.
NOTE Ratio must be just. For accelerating at room temperature, can heating baseboard with electric hot plate. Prevent shake, blow, and ensure surface level up. It is best that be forced after cured 12 hours. Curing at room temperature and dampness, the surface easy display fog, suggest curing at heated.
HEALTH & SAFETYAvoid swallowing. Wear suitable gloves and eye protection. As the YGLUE™639A/B is solvent free, it is relatively non-toxic and it is non-flammable. Spills can be removed by cloth or by using sand to absorb the glue. Once dry the product no longer dissolves in organic solvent. Remove from skin before glue dries.
TECHNICAL ADVICE Please contact KINGYORK (Tel: 0086-20-82377171, Fax: 0086-20-82399962, EMAIL: EPOTEX@21CN.COM).
       Updated 2003/8/1

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